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Professionals' User Guide for the 1993 Fund And Extension Fund

This document is a guide to the Independent Living 1993 Fund (93 Fund) and the Independent Living Extension Fund (Ext Fund).

The purpose of the document is to guide professionals through the procedures of the Funds from the initial identification of potential 1993 Fund applicants, through to being a Fund user, and how to maintain payments from the Funds.

It is important to note that both the 93 Fund and Extension Funds are discretionary trusts and subject not only to conditions set out in their respective trust deeds but also to constraints imposed by their budgets. Policies, practices and procedures are therefore liable to change.

It is correct at date of publication but changes to policy or procedure may make it gradually less accurate and we will issue updates only to registered holders of a copy of the Professionals’ User Guide.  The website version is the most current so please check for updates.  You can contact the Funds for clarification or up to date information on policy and procedure. 

The Trustees and staff of the Funds attempt to ensure stability as much as possible whilst continually seeking to improve their service to all Fund users and potential applicants.

These document are a general guide and may not be applicable to individual circumstances.

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